Tarot's Minor Arcana: The Suit of Wands

Tarot’s minor arcana: the suit of wands. Hello again, Tarot fans! This is part 2 of Bestie’s deep dive into the 56 cards that make up Tarot’s Minor Arcana. In case you missed the first part, check out our video on the Suit of Cups in order to catch yourself up before watching this one. Today we will be looking at the next of the four Minor Arcana suits and giving an overview of all 14 cards that make up the Suit of Wands.

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Two of Wands – 03:21
Three of Wands – 04:02
Four of Wands – 04:37
Five of Wands – 05:11
Six of Wands – 05:52
Seven of Wands – 06:36
Eight of Wands – 07:20
Nine of Wands – 07:53
Ten of Wands – 08:35
Page of Wands – 09:14
Knight of Wands – 10:03
Queen of Wands – 10:41
King of Wands – 11:20


Ace of Wands
First up in the Suit of Wands is the Ace of Wands, depicting a disembodied hand grasping a stick. The Ace cards in each of the four Minor Arcana suits are typically seen as being meant to symbolize new beginnings, and the Ace of Wands is no exception: According to expert Tarot readers, this card is all about embracing new ideas and beginning new projects; it represents a creative spark that can ignite your passion to accomplish bigger and better things. If this card shows up in your reading reversed, i.e. upside-down, it could potentially mean you’re currently suffering from a creative drought or find yourself waylaid by delays and distractions. At times like these, it’s always important to remember to “stick” to your guns. Get it?

Two of Wands
In the art for the Two of Wands, we see a man standing between two upright branches, potentially symbolizing two “branching” paths that he can possibly take. Similarly, the Two of Wands card is often interpreted as symbolizing an important decision to be made, usually between two distinct choices. You may be feeling as though the grass is always greener on the other side, or you might find yourself at a point where it’s time to start planning for the future. When reversed, this card can represent the fear of change, fear of the unknown, indecisiveness, a lack of planning or self-doubt.

Three of Wands
The Three of Wands is all about progress, travel, foresight, confidence, and new opportunities, especially overseas. Like the person on this card overlooking the ocean, this card symbolizes that you’re at a point where you can see everything that lies ahead of you; all the challenges and obstacles that are about to come your way. Maybe now’s the time to do that backpacking tour through Europe that you and your best friend keep hyping up. Unless this card is reversed of course; an ups-de-down Three of Wands represents a lack of foresight, unexpected delays, lack of confidence and restrictions.

Four of Wands
If the Three of Wands is about travelling overseas, then the Four of Wands is about the journey home; this card represents reunions, happy families, homecomings and relaxation. It can also represent that you’ve just completed a major life goal or milestone, and it’s time for some much-needed celebration! If reversed, this card can represent cancelled celebrations or conflicts between loved ones, or it might represent a more personal celebration or achieving inner harmony.

Five of Wands
As you might have guessed by the not so friendly looking picture on the front of this card, the Five of Wands represents conflict, arguments, competition, disagreements and a distinct lack of cooperation. This card can often be interpreted to denote a clash of personality; maybe you’re having a hard time getting everyone on the same page for a group project, or you recently got into an argument with a close friend. On the plus side, a reversed Five of Wands can symbolize compromise, the end of a disagreement, harmony, and problem-solving, or it could represent an inner conflict or fear of confrontation.

Six of Wands
In the Six of Wands, we see a triumphant figure on horseback, their head held high as they parade their way into the frame. Sure enough, this card can be interpreted as being symbolic of success and victories, public recognition, praise, confidence and being in the spotlight.

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