TEN Actions of the Seraphim Angels

The angels have trained me to be a “go to” player when they want to co-creation something. They get my attention, I listen and we are off and running in the co-creative process. It is a joy and a privilege to be in that flow of loving energy and inspiration.

Sometimes the angels call me to action, and other times, I have questions for them. I am always astonished at what I receive when I ask the angels questions.

I don’t remember the question I asked, but wow, the response knocked my socks off! The TEN Actions of the Seraphim are brilliant guide posts.

The Seraphim are the Vibration of Love Manifest

Let’s start with the Seraphim so you understand how powerful these TEN Actions are. That involves taking a few steps back in human history.

Angels have been present with us since the beginning of recorded time. In early angelology, Seraphim are God’s highest order of Angel Servants. They surround the Throne of Glory and ceaselessly chant “Holy, holy, holy… ” The Seraphim assist the Almighty in emanating the Song of Creation and celebration through the primary vibration of love.

“Seraph” comes from the Hebrew word meaning love. A creative, resonating field of life is coming into existence through the devotion forming the music of the spheres. The Seraphim are in direct communion with God. They are beings of pure light and thought who resonate with the fire of love.

Are You Feeling Called Home to Divine Love?

For the first time in human history, we have evolved enough that the Seraphim can have direct interaction to guide us. Our soul’s deepest yearning is rising to the surface of our consciousness calling us into union with each other, with God and Home.

If you are feeling this calling, you may be from the Seraphim lineage. The Seraphim represent the Supreme Authority to create in the material realm. As Seraphim, you command the Supreme Authority to create. You are called upon to bless, heal, love, reveal, comfort, transform, forgive, manifest, join and just about everything you can imagine. To be of service, you must understand why you are important and what you will do to serve.

In hind sight, I can see that the Seraphim were the guiding force behind most of the work I’ve done, though I didn’t know it at the time. Once they announced themselves, they became my active guides in the co-creative process of manifestation on earth. I find myself in the embrace of divine love, union, and everything my soul yearns for.

Many of us are more deeply connected to Seraphim than we could ever imagine. If the TEN Actions of the Seraphim found its way into your hands, you have been called by the Seraphim. Try an experiment.

Meditate daily on these actions for one week. Put them into practice in your life, and watch the miracles fly!

TEN Actions of the Seraphim

1. Love God and put God first. When you love God, you are connecting directly with the Source of Divine Love.

2. Love yourself as God loves you. Care for yourself with loving devotion, as your Beloved would care for you, so that you are healthy, balanced, and centered in your true Being.

3. Love others as you love yourself. Respect others who are different than you by listening to their perspective with an open heart. You will be known by how you love others. Associate with others who are up lifting.

4. Be in truth. Strive for awareness. You are a powerful creator. Take responsibility for your creations so you can create consciously from love.

5. Be grateful for everything. Use every feeling, thought and experience in life as an opportunity to heal and become more present in your true Being.

6. Be at peace. Daily through prayer, meditation and contemplation, use the energy in your desire, confusion, pain and fear to move into a state of profound connection and deep peace.

7. Be open and receptive. Listen to guidance daily. In a state of humility, truth and peace, and a connection with the Divine, be open to receive the guidance, resources, miracles and gifts that Spirit is wanting to pour into you.

8. Take action. When you receive clear guidance, take action at the soonest possible moment so that you are co-creating with Spirit.

9. Give as you receive. Be in the flow of Spirit. Open to receive miracles, resources, love and then freely share as you receive.

10. Be in devotional service. Discover why you are important in each moment and how you will serve from a pure heart with no expectations so you can be an Angel on Call. You are needed to bless, heal, love, counsel, comfort, nurture, tithe, and co-create.

As you read the TEN Actions, do they resonate with your heart and soul? Keep a journal on what happens for you as you review the TEN Actions of the Seraphim daily. Watch for miracles in your life and write about them. With a grateful heart, you will know that you are Angel Guided!

Source by Kimberly Marooney

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