The Basics of Tarot – The Major and the Minor Arcana

Hello everyone and welcome to the Basics of Tarot!
Here we will look at what the Tarot is and how it can be used, what the cards are and what they mean and then how we can work with the Tarot. It is intended to be useful for beginners but also for more experienced readers.
This playlist is meant to address the basics of Tarot, the fundamental information, as I’ve learned and experienced it, it is meant to be the starting point for your individual Tarot journeys. The videos will be short and to the point so that we can keep information clear and organized.
I hope to learn and grow together with you and so please feel free to add information from your experience and to leave questions or comments that I will reply to as soon as I can.
Once again, we are starting off with the Basics and will work our way up from here.
I hope you enjoy the videos and that you find them useful towards learning about the Tarot and what it can do for you.

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