The Chakra System: Chakra Meanings and Chakra Colors

Welcome to the Psychic nest! We are Psychic Mediums, Past Life Therapists, Soul Practitioners, and Spiritual Educators that teach The Psychic Nest Curriculum, a course of study from an ancient school that existed many lifetimes ago.

My name is Zaria and today, I’m going to teach you about the Chakra System. The emotional energy centers inside your body are called chakras. These six energetic points together make up what is known as your Chakra System. Inside these energy points are portions of your soul that manifest with different emotional vibrations and frequencies.

The chakra colors shine out of the chakra system in energetic waves of light and sound. Your chakras also hold your memories of every past lifetime. Each chakra has unique spiritual and emotional meanings and colors. Let me show you just what they are!

The Earth is changing and the consciousness of humanity is evolving in this new age! Let the Psychic Nest help you take your first steps towards spiritual enlightenment and soul-balance today!

They Psychic Nest Curriculum, Lesson 1:



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