The Deep Rooted Symbolism of Trees

Nature scenes including trees and forests contain multiple mythic and symbolic qualities. The deep-rooted meaning of trees is apparent in common metaphors such as the Tree of Life and our ancestral heritage depicted in family trees. In Vedic philosophy, wood is viewed as the primal material of the universe. Christians see Christ as the cosmic carpenter and His ultimate sacrifice is represented by a wooden cross.

Specific trees in art symbolism also have their own meanings. The oak is the mightiest of trees and symbolizes strength and courage. The ancient Romans thought oak trees attracted lightening and connected the oak tree to the sky god, Jupiter and his wife, Juno, the goddess of marriage. Thus, the oak is used in art symbolism as a symbol of conjugal fidelity and fulfillment. The oak tree was regarded by Socrates as an oracle tree. The Druids likewise ate acorns in preparation for prophesying. In addition, the Druids believed the leaves of the oak tree had the power to heal and renew strength.

The apple tree is symbolic of magic, youth, beauty and happiness. The cedar tree represents healing, cleansing and protection. Palm trees are symbolic of peace and opportunity. The symbolism associated with many other trees is summarized below:

Apple- magic, youth, beauty, happiness

Ash- sacrifice, sensitivity and higher awareness

Aspen- determination, overcoming fears and doubts

Beech- tolerance, past knowledge, softens over criticism

Birch- new beginnings, cleansing of past, vision quests

Cedar- healing, cleansing, protection

Cherry- death and rebirth, new awakenings

Cypress- understanding the role of sacrifice

Elder- birth and death, fairy realm

Elm- strength of will, intuition

Hazel- hidden wisdom, dousing, divination

Heather- healing from within, immortality, initiation

Holly- protection, overcoming of anger, spiritual warrior

Maple- balance, promise, practicality

Palm- peace and opportunity

Pine – creativity, life, longevity, immortality

Willow- magic, healing, inner vision, dreams

Choose an image of tree based on its symbolism to decorate your home or office. This will serve as an effective visual reminder of your goals and help you to fulfill your dreams and visions for your life.

Source by Kathleen Karlsen

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