The Empress Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana

The second half of the female archetype in the major arcana is The Empress. Like her other half, The Priestess, The Empress is full of life and symbolizes the miracle of creation. She represents the complete harvest of everything that has been planed and rules over the abundance of nature and the feelings of the earth.

Giving birth also relates to new projects, or other creations. Using your creativity to bring new life into something that has never existed is another representation of this tarot card. Consider all possibilities of new life when you encounter this card.

The Empress is ruled by the planet Venus, which in ancient Greece was the goddess of beauty and love. She reminds you to reconnect with the natural world when the so called technological advances of the modern times begin to dominate your actions and thoughts. It's a signal to come back to commune more with nature once again.

In a reading the Empress will often represent some aspect of motherhood, on an individual level or even in much broder terms. She can also refer to great abundance and offers a variety of things that please the sense such as food, drink, and pleasure. She brings balance and harmony to your energy.

In the card image she sits on a throne with a crown on her head and the symbol of Venus at her feet. In the background there is a long and curving river winding through lush vegetation.

The major keywords to consider when you see The Empress tarot card are:

  • Mothering
  • Listening to Nature
  • Enhancing Your Senses
  • Accepting Abundance

Source by Antonio Vizzarri

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