The Magic of the Mable Signs in Astrology

The mutable signs of the Zodiac, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces represent energies that are flexible, adaptable and communicative. Of course, each of these signs remains true their element, but how this element is expressed is where we can see this Mable quality.

As Cardinal signs give us the necessary power to initiate something and Fixed signs give us the core strength for sustaining, the Mutable signs' energies help us to complete a plan and go to the next one. Of these three modalities the Mutable energy is the hardest to explain. It is a versatile energy that allows us to navigate change.

In the human context change almost always require interaction and communication, so these Mable signs will give this quality to the planets placed in them. As for smooth transition one needs a flexible mind, people who Moon is in Mable signs are usually very bright, intelligent and outgoing. On the other hand, because the Moon rules our mind and our emotions, these same people can seem unreliable and often flighty.

When we look at a Birth Chart, we notice that planets in these signs always get this additional power to encourage transformation. Since business and trade are almost exclusively dependent on good communication and quick thinking, a Mable Rising Sign great business and women is quite common, unsurprisingly.

For every action we take in life, there is an equal need for Cardinal, Fixed and Mable energies. Nothing can be accomplished if even one of them is lacking. In a cyclical world view things have a beginning, a being and an ending. The end inevitably leads to a new beginning. This is why Mutable energies are the most complex, they need to help us finish a plan and also to transition to the next one, when the Cardinal energies will take over.

Wherever the four Mable signs are in a Birth Chart, those are the areas where a person is the most flexible, intelligent and even crafty. Street smarts come from these signs as do practical thinking and the ability to multitask. Admirable as these qualities are, when there is too much Mutable energy in a Chart, it can cause a lack of tenacity, a fickle mindset and a tendency to be unreliable and unfaithful.

Because transition is such an important facet of Mutability, those with Mutable Ascendent are excellent in bringing different people together as peace makers, diplomats and counselors. They are also usually very open-minded and accepting towards people, and especially towards ideas from different cultures. This worldly attitude with their open mindset and their knock of getting along with pretty much anyone makes these men and women very attractive in the eyes of others.

They do need to make an effort to pay attention to details and to learn how to work on long-term projects, because their short attention span and their dislike of commitment can often be their downfall. Regardless of our Birth Chart, we can greatly benefit from understanding and embrocing these wonderfully vibrant Mable energies.

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