The Meaning Of The Car In Dreams – Scientific Dream Interpretation

Your life will follow a route or another, depending on your decisions. In order to learn how to safely drive your life and go in the right direction you have to analyze the meaning of your dreams.

The precious information you find in the dream messages helps you understand how to successfully face all challenges and triumph.

Your victory won’t be based on the narrow-minded concepts of the cruel modern civilization, but on God’s wisdom.

All dreamers have dreams about the most important matters for them. Since everyone repeats the same mistakes many times (especially the mentally ill) when we translate the meaning of a dream collection we find similar messages in numerous dreams.

For example, here is a dream dreamt by a man:

‘Something happened to the transmission and my car had no brakes. The workers had it on the lift trying to fix it. I was driving another guy’s car. It went from good weather to snow and ice.’

Dream translation:

‘Something happened to the transmission and my car had no brakes.’

You represent your ego in dreams.

Your car represents your life.

The fact that the transmission was not working means that your life is in an isolated situation.

The fact that your car had no brakes means that you cannot stop going ahead; even when you perceive that there are obstacles in the way. You cannot control your behavior, what means that your life is in danger.

‘The workers had it on the lift trying to fix it.’

The lift in dreams represents the fast movement from the depth of your psyche where your absurd and evil anti-conscience lives to the surface of your human conscience and vice versa.

The workers are parts of your own personality that were trying to fix your life to prevent you from being controlled by your anti-conscience, which can suddenly reach the conscious surface.

‘I was driving another guy’s car.’

Your personality is composed by numerous different parts. This guy represents a mature part of your personality.

The fact that you were driving his car means that your ego was driving the life of another part of your personality. In other words, you don’t let this part of your personality take initiatives; your ego decides what it must do.

On the other hand, this also means that your ego is living as if this part of your personality represented your ego. You are merely deciding what this part of your personality must do, but living as if this part of your personality was more important than your ego.

Therefore, since your life (your car) was problematic and had to be fixed, you decided to live as if you were another part of your personality, and not your ego. You adopted the lifestyle of this part of your personality, even though your ego is the one who is deciding this part of your personality’s actions.

This part of your personality can have a negative behavior and belong to your anti-conscience. Your ego must be loyal to your identity instead of having the behavior of a negative part of your personality that you somehow control.

‘It went from good weather to snow and ice.’

Good weather represents peace.

Snow and ice represent great danger.

The fact that it went from good weather to snow and ice means that you will suddenly have to face great danger in your life.

Something bad will happen to you because you are not living the way you should. You have to be careful and change your attitude.

The main problem of this dreamer is the way he drives his life. If I could show you his dream journal you would observe that the same messages are visible in many of his dreams because he keeps repeating the same mistakes.

Some people need more time to get adapted to the necessity to pay attention to what they are doing and control their behavior. This is why the divine unconscious mind repeats the same messages numerous times, through different ways.

Source by Christina Sponias

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