The Path of Wicca Through Self-Realization

Not all Wiccans are born out of Wiccan lineage. Some are initiated to The Craft later in life; some are being introduced to Wicca by friends and family, while some grew interest to it because of the media or through literary works. A classic example would be a developed curiosity with Witchcraft when Harry Potter first came out in the movie theatres.

I was so fascinated with how magick works, and how different spells can actually work in various situations. Whichever the reason maybe, that an individual enters the Wiccan religion, he should be prepared with the tedious work of research, practice, and self realization. I will be putting emphasis on the last bit of that statement-self-realization.

Why is self-realization important to an individual who wants to join Wicca? It is crucial that one understand himself first before he deals with a system of beliefs and ideals that are new and foreign to him. An individual needs to check on his values and belief system first, before he can understand a brand new set of concepts. An individual should also have a concrete set of explanation as to why he would want to convert to Wicca.

Skepticism about magick is not a reasonable premise as to why an individual should convert himself to Witchcraft. Magick and Wiccan spells can be performed by Cawons or non-Wiccans. In order for a magick spell to work and effective, one needs to have a strong will power and the sequence of recanting these spells in correct order. A lot of people want to convert to Wicca because of the spiritual turmoil that they have with their respective churches.

At some point in time, we become doubtful as to whether our spirituality is growing with the practices in our religion. This confusion can be resolved if one communicates these emotional conflict to their church leaders. Individuals should listen as to what their spiritual leaders. They might have a plausible explanation for what an individual is feeling. It is only when a religious system could not find an answer to an individual’s spiritual dilemma that he ventures out, and discovers other religious orders.

An individual needs to have a positive mindset before he enters Wicca. He needs to clear his mind off of second-hand information about Wicca. An initiate should brace himself to the mystical aspect of Wicca as a religion. It is only through a clear and unbiased mentality that an initiate can full be ready with being a full-fledged Wiccan.

Source by Harlan Kilstein

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