The Purpose of Life – Can We Change Our Destiny

Can the purpose of a life, which has been set before incarnation, be changed during that life?

For example can you change your life pla to achieve a greater purpose by helping more people?

You are continuously changing your life by your actions. We each come in with a plan that has been determined before birth, a destiny we have each decided with the help of our guides and angels while we were in the presence of the tree of life.

We also discuss all the different possible outcomes and paths we may take once we incarnate, nothing is written in stone, it can and will be changed once we enter the physical body.

The changes in direction is determined not only by what we do, but also by what others around us do or accomplish. There are always many alternate paths we can take, some of which is determined as to how much we change our vibration once in physical form.

We can get so wrapped up in the issues of earthly life that we lower our vibrations and begin attraction those souls of a lower life form and we sink lower in evolution.

Likewise, if we suddenly wake up and realize what we are doing and once again follow our predetermined path, our vibrations will once again raise and consequently the universe will once again assist us in accomplishing our higher good.

Occasionally, especially as we grow older, we may have doubts as to whether we are following our life plan, and many times we believe we should be doing more. This is the time to look back to contemplate what kind of life we have lead so far. In life one step normally follows another and if we have lead a rather normal life with not much fanfare, that is probably the kind of life we will continue to lead, not everyone who learns will be teaching thousands, many times we lead a quiet life so as to enable us to learn deep meaningful lessons without the interruptions of a high profile life.

Sometimes this can be harder than being in the limelight, especially if we learn we have led influential lives in the past. All souls need lifetimes of rest, one doesn’t need to do it all.

Many times we need to stand back and let others lead.

It is a normal tendency to share with others what we learn, if that is God’s Will the opportunity will present itself, if it doesn’t don’t fret over it, just go on with life.

Many times, the learning is a personal event and it doesn’t need to be shared with others. That is part of the learning.

Source by Gary Wonning

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