The River of Life

We often hear the term, "River of Life".

What does that mean, and is there actually a "River of Life?"

The River of Life refers to the stream of energy that brings all life to its next existence.

It is not a river of water, it is a force of energy that flows from the Tree of Life and enables us to teleport from one existence to another. It comes from somewhere above and has sparkles of energy running through it, these impulses of energy creates the illusion of flowing water.

We all experience it as we linger in the ethereal dimensions and are considering our next incarnation. As we consult with our masters and our own higher self, we determine what is the next type of life we ​​should lead in order for our soul to learn the lessons best suited for our development and spiritual growth.

Because of the energy impulses the River of Life has, all the vivid colors blue, green, etc, are present, but really bright. They are superb and appear as though they are crystals.

As a result, they are relaxing and stimulating to the mind at the same time, this is probably why we humans refer to this as heaven.

In this state of consciousness, everything is so clear, and without the entrapments of a physical reality, it is more about what you feel than what you see. This makes it very pleasant and relaxing.

And in this environment, we can create anything we like, including the next life we ​​wish to live.

The River of Life is made up of nonphysical entities on their way to reincarnation. Many who have experienced this, see themselves traveling with millions of other souls in non physical form.

They travel for however long as it takes them, there is no set time limit, it's all about making yourself ready for your next great adventure.

As they enter the doorway between the dimensions to prepare for rebirth, many describe the entryway as a tornado, whirlpool, a spiral of light, or a vortex.

After entering the womb and preparing the body for a new life, the soul can enter and leave to go back to the ethereal world for a time in order to accumulate for its new existence.

Acquiring knowledge from both worlds for a time, enabling the soul to gain the most from the new life on earth, or wherever other planet it may choose.

So, the River of Life and the Tree of Life are real, they are mentioned in every esoteric belief and many mainstream religions

Source by Gary Wonning

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