The Science of Chakras, The Vagus Nerve & Meditation

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The Chakras” Video Series, By BenArion:

You Will Discover:

Part 1: The Vagus Nerve & the Biology of the Chakras

Part 2: Neuroplasticity & The 5 Patterns Of Meditation

Part 3: Vibrational Awareness

Part 4: Neural Entrainment & Resonant Frequencies

Hi, BenArion here…

I’m just going to come right out and say it… I

wanted to send you a present!

But first, let me tell you WHY…

I’m releasing a free 4 part video series I’m

calling The Science of The Chakras, in which I

reveal how you can tune into limitless ABUNDANCE

and Manifest any of your deepest desires into

reality… simply and easily.

I spent over 6 full months exhaustively

researching scholarly articles, citing and

organizing sources, and finally, compiling

everything together into an easy-to-digest


As you can probably tell by the very

self-explanatory name… The Science of The Chakras

is all about the hard scientific proof behind The

Chakras, Chakra Meditation, and how our human

biology is affected on the deepest most

fundamental levels by each. (As in all the way

down to the fundamental particles that make up the


I also talk in-depth about 5 patterns that are

common across all forms of meditation, and how we

can utilize those patterns to try and devise a

“perfect” system for ourselves to get the maximum

level of scientifically proven benefits… with the

least possible effort.

Spoiler Alert: I’ve already created it, and I

call it The Chakra Healing System.

But that brings me to your present… What is it?

Well, it’s an integral part of The Chakra Healing

System that I’m giving away to each and every

person who watches The Science of The Chakras.

I call it The Chakra Map, and it also comes

bundled together with my Balance Building Cheat


The Chakra Map is a beautiful wall chart you can

print out and hang up in your favorite place to

meditate, and it will to help you memorize the

Chakras easily by providing a constant, gentle

reminder of all of the important things you need

to know.

But the Balance Building Cheat Sheets are even

better. With them, you’ll have access to

thought-provoking questions and important insights

that will help you effortless pinpoint any

physical, mental, or spiritual problem in your


Then, you’ll easily know where you’re out of

balance, and by referencing The Chakra Map, know

exactly what areas to focus on during your

meditative practice.

Of course, if you don’t know anything about The

Chakras, or why meditating on them has been proven

to help improve every aspect of your life… well,

they probably won’t be of any use to you.

But my new video series The Science of The Chakras

covers all of that in detail, and it’s a foolproof

way to learn more about transforming your life in

any way you see fit.

Now, you might not need any more proof than your

own experience to know that the Chakras really do


But the science is VERY interesting, the video

series is VERY free, and if you sign up to watch

it you’ll not only get The Balance Building Cheat

Sheets and The Chakra Map… but you’ll also get a

lot more free stuff, too.

Of course, you’ve been with me for a while… so I

want you to get this free present from me even if

you DON’T watch the series.

Click HERE to get your FREE Chakra Map AND watch

The Science of The Chakras:

Finally, I just want to say THANK YOU so much for

being a part of my life!

I hope that this has brightened your day a little,

and I promise I’ll continue to do everything I

possibly can to help you achieve the life of your





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