The Star Major Arcana #17 Interpretation and Meaning in a Tarot Card Reading

What is the meaning and interpretation of the Star card in a Tarot Card reading? The Star card is the number 17 Major Arcana card in the Tarot. This card is about hope, creative imagination, inspiration, support to dream big and all things possible. When you see this card appear in a reading a new vision, love, light, creative visualisation is being presented around you and the question. Your job is to harness this energy and focus on the future. Its about looking forward with divine connection, inspiration and support to dream BIG! and engage your life force with love. Love of life, for life! Be mindful to not getting in your own way and self sabotaging the opportunity. You are the only one who can mess things up!!. Connect with what inspired you to start on your path and bath in the clear light around you to succeed.
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