The Tarot Card Meanings and Symbolism of the Five of Pentacles

In Tarot reading, the Five of Pentacles Tarot card can evoke apprehension and concern. For most Tarot readers, the Five of pentacles can represent financial insecurity or struggle. On an emotional level, the five of Pentacles may also represent feelings of isolation or abandonment. However, there is much more to the Five of Pentacles than most people assume. Its Tarot symbolism reflects much more than meets the eye. In truth, this card can be a symbol of faith and love.

The imagery of the Five of Pentacles reflects what looks to be a destitute couple walking beneath a stained glass window in a snow storm. The most obvious symbolism depicted in this card is the stained glass window. Although there is no literal reference to the church or religious sanctuary, one can assume that the stained glass window is part of a holy institution. This symbolism reflects two significant points.

For centuries stained glass has been used as a method for imparting spiritual symbolic images. In the case of the Five of Pentacles, the imagery of stained glass signifies a need to incorporate spiritual principles in one’s life. In Tarot reading, Pentacles reflect the material and earthly possessions. However, Pentacles can also represent one’s value system. When The Five Pentacles appears in a Tarot spread, there is often a suggestion that one needs to look beyond their material world and evaluate their own ethics and morals.

It’s important to note that this process need not be a painful one nor does the Five of Pentacles need to evoke any fear. It can be merely a suggestion that one’s point of view has become limited or too secular and they are failing to perceive the world from a spiritual or sacred perspective.

The symbolism of the stained glass also references the concept of faith. In tarot readings, the Five of Pentacles often represents the need to maintain one’s sense of faith during difficult times. More importantly, it serves as a reminder that one must not lose sight of the positives attributes of any given situation.

In love Tarot readings, the Five of Pentacles is not, necessarily, a negative card. In fact, it can represent a relationship that is capable of enduring both the good and the bad. Although things may appear to be at an all time low, the love between two people can carry them through to the other side.

Source by Carolyn Naiman

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