The Tuning of Chakras Can Transmute Matter

Pollution can be cleaned up by using music theory. The different kinds of chords set up different results. One chord can cause blending, one can cause dissolution, one can cause enhancing, etc. This is the basis of cleaning up pollution, the harmony of the vibration of the ingredients. For example, if you have a contaminant from the mineral kingdom and you wish to dissolve it, you would use the chord that serves this purpose and draw from the other kingdoms for the harmony notes.

Coming from other kingdoms automatically insures that they are from different octaves. If you want to take this same contaminant and blend it with another mineral to allow it to serve a useful purpose, you would use the chord that serves the purpose of blending, etc. To accomplish a transmutation of matter there must be harmony of octaves. The tuning exercises on your chakras can be progressed to transmute matter by using this same principle. This could be a process of returning the human body to a youthful, energetic state if this could be learned and focused on and was desired.

There are some specific exercises you can do as an experiment. To begin with, the easiest part of the physical body to do a transmutation on is the human hair follicle. This would involve a return to the dark color of the hair at youth. Because this is the easiest part to transmute, this is where you should start. The process of aging of the hair begins with the crown chakra. Because this crown chakra is not accessed until all the others are progressed at least to stage four, it is usually a later stage of life when this chakra opens.

The crown chakra is the chakra that causes the change in hair color. It is a thought process that is entered at the third level of this chakra. This is as far as most people ever progress this chakra and for this reason never progress past the fact that their hair is turning grey.

The crown chakra is also is the chakra that controls baldness. It controls the hair follicles. The chemistry of the cells that make up the hair follicles changes because of the new dimension of harmony or lack of harmony that the opening of this crown chakra offers. For most it is a disharmony and this causes a change in the cellular support of the hair follicle. Therefore with a tuning of the third stage of the crown chakra and then pulling the tuning of all the chakras of the body into the harmony of a blended major chord of the keytone of your physical body should work wonders on the color of your hair.

The process will take a considerable amount of time and dedication to this attunement. As an example we’ll use the C major chord. The other chakras will be tuned more strongly as follows when entering this procedure: the root chakra on the C at the bottom range of your pipe organ, the 16 ft. octave stop, or two octaves below the C that is below middle C on the piano. The next chakra, the sacral plexus will be tuned to E in the next octave. The solar plexus to the G in the next octave, the G right below middle C. The heart chakra would be middle C, the throat the E above high C, the third eye the G in the next octave and the crown the C in the following octave, the last key on an 88 note piano. When working with a higher chord, this note will not be on your piano, but is able to be registered audibly with the human ear. You will have to hear it internally. It must go into these higher pitches in order to have the force or intensity necessary to transmute matter.

If you do this exercise every night without fail, you should notice some results in your body hair. Not only the hair on your head, but also eyebrows and eyelashes will return to fullness of youth and all body hair will return to the color and fullness of youth. You should do this for a period of five minutes each and every evening after your other tuning exercises. Depending on your dedication and the strength and focus of your mental tuning this may take anywhere from one month to six months to show a difference.

Because of the extremely microscopic size of the hair follicles, it is the easiest to transmute. The next easiest transmutation to be able to achieve would be that of the skin itself. The cells that make up the skin are the next in size that can be worked with easily. They are not necessarily smaller than the cells of the organs, but because they are not found in density they can be worked with easier. They are in a thin layer, true, spread over the whole body, but this is still an easier transmutation to accomplish than a concentrated clump that an organ would be. To bring a heart, for instance back to youthful vibration would require a much more intensified tuning than you can do at the present time with your mind.

The hair and skin will respond to human mental thought. The teeth would also take a powerful tuning process. All of this can be accomplished eventually with the healing machine (to be worked on in the future) until the human mind progresses to the stage where it can handle the tuning on a daily basis as part of the instinctual functioning of the human body, such as breathing and elimination and all other process that are able to continue without your conscious effort.

You must be careful when doing your tune up for regressing age that you do not regress yourself back to the infant stage. You could inadvertently activate a gland that is much more active in a human’s youth. You must state the optimum age you wish the cells and glands and muscles and bones and organs and hair, eyes, etc. to regress to. We repeat, we must warn you that you need to state an optimum age when doing this tune up. If a person were to go too young they would bring back into existence hormones and glandular activity that will not serve their purpose at this stage of their spiritual growth.

The way to do this is to state before doing any tune up that you wish to regress the physical mechanism of your body to such and such an age. Then when doing the stacked harmony tune up, repeat this over and over as you talk to each part of the body. This is important. You might also state that you do not wish your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to regress at all. This could be dangerous work if all precautions are not taken. Please be very careful before undertaking any part of it that your thoughts are on the age you wish to be when you are in this state of transmutation.

There is a whole field of work with the chakras that can be opened up. The chakras truly are your connection with your inner being, you know, and are the single most important gift from your Creator to help you synthesize the body and soul. It was planned that they be the link between the seen and the unseen worlds.

Source by Norma Hickox

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