The Universal Spirit and Signs of the Zodiac

One wonders how accurate star signs are and what they are meant to tell us. That is a complex mystery as the more one looks into it the more accurate they appear to be. That does not infer that those who supposedly read the stars and can tell the future are genuine. On the other hand, the ancients in different societies picked up on a degree of conformity between those born at or around the same time of year.

Over the centuries nothing much has changed between what those earlier observers laid down and modern research. The warning signs, however, are that they threaten the notion that one is directed by an earth-bound being who allows people to have free choice.

That brings us back to the question of whether anyone has the freedom to choose how they live their lives and what becomes of them? In my mind we don’t! That follows my memory of reincarnation and knowledge that the Universal Spirit is the only God and that we are born at specific times with our lives already programmed.

That can be taken further as there is a plan in place that was laid down from the beginning and of which we are all a part. Not one of us has the ability to foil the plan or to conduct matters according to our thinking.

That is a huge claim in the light of what religions teach. As they proclaim themselves to be spokespeople for the Almighty the preachers will condemn and deny such an admission. Yet it is the way things are and the signs of the Zodiac are confirmation of it. While they oppose logic and promote activities opposing truth religious gods are bringing the world to an end.

My research, conducted in response to my reincarnation, took me to the root of religion and language. As people then struggled to perceive what life is about and the meaning of death they had enough time on their hands to examine characteristics of life and create charts. Those tables are still used today and the evidence of their accuracy still amazes.

My interest in star signs began at a young age and as a Capricorn the goat symbol of my birth fits to a tee. In studying others, particularly family members, there is, as yet, no discrepancy in what each has become according to the time of their birth.

With that in mind the timing of our arrival back in the world has to be part of the plan. We have no free choice as to when we live or die and no matter how death occurs it is always perfectly timed.

Likewise, our parents are selected for us for the same reason. We return to the situation that will befit our performance throughout and no matter what we become or what hardships we endure it is definitely in the stars. We are each the tools of the Universal Spirit that has allowed this side of humanity to be known.

Source by Norma Holt

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