Theban Letters – The Wiccan Alphabet Symbols

Although there are a couple different alphabets used in paganism, there is only one associated as the wiccan alphabet symbols. The wiccan alphabet is also known as the theban alphabet. This alphabet is also called the runes of honorius, named after it’s so called creator Honorus of Thebes. It is also called the witch’s alphabet.

The wiccan alphabet symbols was created to help keep spells and special information secret. Often times entire book of shadows were written in the wiccan alphabet in order to maintain secrecy and keep prying eyes out. This is especially true during the times in history when witches were crucified.

The wiccan alphabet also allows the user to add a degree of mysticism to their writings and spells. It takes time to learn the alphabet and learn to write in the alphabet. By typing theban alphabet into the Google search engine, you can quickly find image results for the theban alphabet. You can print these out and use them as a study guide.

The wiccan alphabet is often times claimed by witches as their alphabet, however, the first time that the alphabet appeared was in a 16th century in “The Three Books Of Occult Philosophy” by Cornelius Agrippa. Agrippa claims that a 13th century magician attributes the alphabet to Honorus of Thebes.

It is believed that the alphabet was used to write spells and book of shadows in based on the parallel words in Latin. Modern witches use it to translate their native language into the alphabet in order to keep secret their writings. Many pagans also use the wiccan alphabet symbols to inscribe candles, stones, and other tools for magical use.

Source by A. Bachman

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