Things You Need to Know About Your Rising Sign in Astrology

Rising signs are the zodiac signs present on the eastern horizon upon your birth. The traits you may possess depends on the characteristics of any of those 12 signs in the zodiac.

In Astrology, a rising sign is defined as the sign of the Zodiac that is just rising up on the eastern horizon a the moment you were born. It is also termed as your ascendant sign. The traits of your rising sign may be different from your sun sign and you may not be aware of it, it’s mostly the others who can observe these traits. It is said to establish a preliminary pattern of your life and it identifies the position of your houses in the zodiac. The ascendant is the most important of the trinity signs, the other 2 being the Sun Sign and the Moon Sign. Here are some characteristics of each ascendant sign.


An Aries ascendant is career and success-oriented. They are the ones who start some changes and have strong desire to accomplish tasks. Keywords for Aries include inspiration, courage, leadership, and generosity.


A Taurus ascendant is very physical and has amazing stamina. They are impatient and can be quite stubborn at times. Keywords for Taurus include calmness, ambitious, appreciative, and energetic.


A Gemini ascendant is flexible and adaptive to any environment or to any type of people he would meet. Gemini symbolizes intelligence and wit. Keywords for Gemini include entertaining, friendly, cleverness, and chatty.


A Cancer ascendant is dedicated and is self-reliant. They may seem vulnerable, but, they are actually strong-willed and determined. They may encounter problems with relationships. Keywords for Cancer include vulnerability, domestic, sentimental, and protective.


A Leo ascendant is enthusiastic but sometimes lacks willpower. He may find if dificult sometimes to break from undesirable habits and they may break rules also. He always share his principles with another person. Keyword for Leo include spendthrift, congenial, pride, and charismatic.


A Virgo ascendant is always seeking for perfection and always open to change but are sometimes insensitive. He advocates for practicality and conservation. Keywords for Virgo include cleanliness, pragmatic, trustworthiness, and health.


A Libra ascendant is full of charm and is undeniably kind. He is sincere and always give what he can for everything that He does. Keywords for Libra include tactfulness, serenity, insightful, and sophistication.


A Scorpio ascendant is emotionally oriented. He is firm with his judgment and is difficult to change his mind on a subject matter. Keywords for Scorpio include curiosity, observant, passionate, and purposeful.


A Sagittarius ascendant is independent and is a freedom-fighter. Because of these traits, he can also adapt easily with changing circumstances. Keywords for Sagittarius include freedom, theatrical, optimistic, and humorous.


A Capricorn ascendant is shrewd and are good in taking up responsibilities. He is comfortable with formality and is conscious with the norms of society. Keywords for Capricorn include responsibility, competetivness, discipline, and sober.


An Aquarius ascendant is highly-opinionated and prefers intellectual conversations. He is courageous and have good coping skills whenever challenged. Keywords for Aquarius include mental poise, uniqueness, outgoing, and trend-setter.


A Pisces ascendant is secretive and tends to hide his own personal traits. He can be quite shy but can be overwhelmingly determined. Keywords for Pisces include empathic, nurturer, intuitive, and talented.

If you are born during sunrise, your Rising Sign and Sun Sign would be similar, any earlier or later, it would be different. It you are not sure what your rising sign is, you can check the natal chart for reference.

Source by Patricia Strasser

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