Tinkerbell Tattoos – What They Mean and Where to Find the Best Tinkerbell Tattoos

Being or meeting a fairy was once one of your childhood fantasies? Want to relive that fantasy? How about getting a tattoo? What better tattoo to get than a Tinkerbell tattoo? Aside from the fact that Tinkerbell is one of the most famous fairies known, her cute and naughty personality makes her even more popular.

Fairy tattoos are one of the most popular feminine tattoos, and that includes Tinkerbell tattoos. They are mostly chosen by females who want to bring back childhood memories or just simply express their personality through these designs.

Interesting History and Symbolism

To give you a little tidbit here, Tinkerbell was created for the Disney cartoon film Peter Pan. The famous magic dust, and her cute and playful personality made her an adorable creature. Since then, this character has been a favorite for artists to use in paintings, portraits, as well as through Tinkerbell tattoos. This tattoo design symbolizes youthfulness and a free spirit.

Designs of Tinkerbell tattoos may vary, though. It depends on whoever is wearing it. Even though Tinkerbell tattoos are mostly worn by women, they can also be found on men. With men, these tattoos are usually designed with fire and other mythical creatures to make the design appear more masculine.

Mostly, Tinkerbell tattoos are small in size. So, they’re also easy to adjust and can be placed anywhere in the body. The most common locations are the lower back, hips, stomach, ankle, and foot.

Finding a good design for this kind of tattoo is not that easy, though. So, before rushing to a tattoo shop, be sure that you already have the Tinkerbell tattoo design that you want.

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