Tips on How to Write a Spell to Become a Witch With Powers

If you want to use a spell to become a witch with powers, it is best to write it yourself. This is because you need to become open to the universe’s dynamism and learn to become connected with it. In fact, tuning into this is the key to actually becoming a witch with powers!

But where do you start? Witchcraft may be as old as mankind itself but it is still shrouded in mystery to the uninitiated and can be confusing. However, you are already living with the 2 main and most important components. The world around you and – you.

Each and every witch in the world practises in his or her own way and this is because the power of your individuality is one of the greatest assets you own so use it. Similarly, the natural elements around you of the earth, air, fire and water are already familiar to you so all you need to do is learn to recognise how to channel their power.

So where do you start? What do you need to include when you write a spell to become a witch with powers? Here are a few tips that you can use to start you on your mystical journey.

  • Firstly, initiate yourself. This is a common part of joining a Wiccan coven but practising as a solitary witch does not prohibit you from doing this. Instead of introducing yourself to the group, you will be introducing yourself to a new knowledge source. So, create a ritual to bind yourself to your own and the universe’s powers. Try to perform your ceremony during a full moon. Not only is this a powerful time for spells but it also will represent new beginnings for you. It can also help to choose a God or Goddess to identify with and worship. Let him/her welcome you to your new powers.
  • Avoid negative spells. It is universally acknowledged that whatever you put ‘out there’ comes back 3 fold so do not try to curse others or it will be you that comes off worst. Respect the sacred Wiccan rule (Rede) of “Harm None”.
  • Have faith in yourself and what you are doing and you are immeasurably more likely to succeed. Your belief is an energy and power all of itself so banish doubt.
  • Use colours in your spell. Try blue for spiritual growth , inspiration and knowledge or white for the truth, honouring the Goddess and again, spirituality. The simplest ways to do this are burning a candle of your chosen colour but you can also wear blue or white clothing or jewellery.
  • Use the High Priestess tarot card to help bring out your intuition. Place on your altar if you have one or in front of you as you perform your spell.
  • Write your spell (or final version of) on parchment paper preferably with consecrated ink for extra charge.
  • Use visual aids to get a picture of what or who you want to be when becoming a witch. Someone who’s skills or attributes you admire and feel is a positive role model perhaps?

Ok, this is all very well but what sort of wording should you include when you write your own spell to become a witch with powers? Often witch spells rhyme but it isn’t essential. Try to write it as a statement of intent, a pledge or in a poem style. Just keep it honest and personal and it’ll be infused with your first bit of magic. Getting started can be tricky though so here are some examples to use as a springboard for your imagination.

  • Invoke the power of the 5 elements as represented in the pentagram, eg. “I respectfully invoke and bow to the ancient wisdom of the core elements of earth, air, fire, water and the spirit”
  • Offer to serve with, as well as gain from your new powers – “I offer myself as an instrument and channel of the higher good.”
  • To connect with the universal powers, humbly ask to be welcomed. “Accept me into the heart and centre of the power if you feel me worthy. Bless me with the sacred vision to see and feel the potency of the universe.”
  • Include the attributes that you would like to acquire, “I desire the gift of empathy, that I would always see into the heart’s and minds of others. I desire the gift of favourability so that I might draw others to me and offer them kindness.”

Once you get started all will start to make sense and fall into place. You will begin to view the world around you differently and tune into it on a different level. Future spells will become more fluid and complex as you channel energies with greater ease. Be patient with yourself and have total faith. However, don’t expect to literally ‘wave a magic wand’ and watch as things fall into place. The ability to write a spell to become a witch with powers will take time and dedication on your part but enjoy your new chosen path and the magical gift it brings you.

Source by Francesca Ashcroft

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