Top 10 Holiday Gifts for the Spiritually Aware Person

Winter brings important holidays to almost everyone: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice – and probably some of which I don’t know the name! Whatever your religious persuasion, winter is a great time to celebrate family and friendship.

Gifts are usually included in those celebrations. Most of my close friends are spiritually aware or devoted to self improvement. I could get away with buying them earrings and sweaters, but I’d rather use this opportunity to support and encourage their self development.

Here are the Top 10 Holiday Gifts I’ve found that would please any spiritually aware person – with a range of prices from inexpensive to posh, from day-to-day to once-in-a-lifetime.

  1. Inspirational Calendar. There’s a great choice of calendars for spiritual people. From Zen messages to Biblical phrases; from doorways to spirals; from the Sacred places around the world to the marvels of Mother Nature, there’s a calendar for every taste and interest. For the Wiccan, Pagan, or nature-lover on your list, choose a lunar calendar or a solar calendar that includes phases of the moon.
  2. Symbolic Jewelry. Rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings come in a myriad of spiritually significant designs. Choose a particular tradition or a worldwide mystical motif that represents self improvement.
  3. Motivational books, eBooks, and Magazine Subscriptions. Remember paper magazines? Books where you can touch the pages and turn them? Many people still enjoy reading away from the computer. For others, an eBook version of The Law of Attraction, A Course in Miracles, a translation of the Talmud or Buddha’s teachings, or any of thousands of titles of self development and spiritual topics are available.
  4. Self Improvement Courses. If you know your friend is ready to take their next step in spiritual growth and you’re aware of the direction they want to travel, why not gift them with an eCourse? Be sure you’re choosing something reputable that isn’t just a come-on to “bigger, better, more costly” programs.
  5. Spiritual Home Decor. A Hamsa hung on a wall or a mezuzah placed on the doorway demarcate your home as a special place – no matter what your religion is. Artwork and plaques with motivational and inspirational messages also make great holiday gifts. Or pick up a Lucky Bamboo for spiritual friends who also like house plants.
  6. Heart Opening Music. Whether it’s the emotional ride of Sibelius or the spirit-evoking notes of a Native American flute, music opens the doors of the heart and soul. Choose a CD from a range as wide as meditation music to the foot-stomping celebration of ceremonial drums.
  7. Crystals and Gemstones. You can find crystals and gemstones of any size, shape, color, and price both online and at local metaphysical shops. Don’t limit yourself to birth stone colors, either. There are colors related to the chakra your friend or family member is focused on and there are stones and crystals that zero in on a particular kind of growth energy. With a little research you can wrap up the perfect Earth-based gift.
  8. Aromatic and Herbal Healing/Relaxing Products. Aromatic oils and herbal mixes are available straight up or added to everything from empowering pendants to dream-inducing pillowlike pouches. Choose something that will inspire and motivate or relax and heal. Stress-relieving bath oils are the perfect holiday present for friends who need to re-center after the winter holiday rush.
  9. Experiential Gifts. If you’re sure they’re interested, why not sign up your friend for a past life regression session, shamanic class, or Reiki lesson? These are gifts they’ll remember forever.
  10. Travel and Holiday Journeys. If you’re lucky enough to live in a place like Sedona, you can gift a friend with a local Vortex tour. However, if there’s nothing spiritually significant around the corner, sign your friend up for the journey of a lifetime. Tours of the sacred sites of Peru or Bali, Stonehenge in England, week-long cruises with spiritual teachers, and meditative retreats in unspoiled natural surroundings can all be packaged up with a timely gift card.

Before you purchase any of these top 10 holiday gifts, be sure the gift fits the person you’re giving it to, fits your budget, and fits the relationship you have with them on a spiritual energy level. Think about your friend or family member and where they are in their own spiritual journey. Help them stretch, but try not to underestimate or overestimate where they are at this point in their spiritual lives.

And by all means – don’t judge! If a simple crystal is all they need to move them a small step forward on their path, don’t worry that it’s not as “intense” as a journey to Machu Picchu. Whether or not you think they “should” be ready to study with a traditional shaman doesn’t matter. What matters is whether they’re ready at this time or not. Save the shamanic journey for them for next year.

While you’re searching these top 10 holiday gifts for inspirational presents, remember that it’s also okay to celebrate yourself!

Source by Batya D. Wininger

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