Top 3 Wicka Spells to Strengthen Your Love Life

When you want to strengthen your love life, nothing can be better than taking the help of Wicka Spells or Wiccan love spells. Here are the top 3 Wicka Spells to fortify your love life.

These Wicka Spells are simple and easy to perform, they are delightful to boot and will enhance tenderness and passion in a relationship without freaking out your beloved who is, perhaps, not used to the Wicca way of life.

Wicka Spells # 1

This spell involves performing the ritual along with your lover. The two of you have to bathe together in a bath tub and splash around in water scented with herbs. Take a pestle and grind together sandalwood, patchouli and rose petals and mortar.

Now place the ground stuff in a tiny cheesecloth sachet. Now place the sachet in a hot tub of water and wait for the bath water temperature to reach the optimum level.

Now you two have to bathe together. Gently wash each other with the scented water. No spell can be as magical and passionate as this.

Wicka Spells # 2

When the two of you together eat delicate and exotic small dishes made out of magical herbs for love, it can rapidly and effectively enhance your love life. Some of these food items are a dish of fresh strawberries and raspberries with cream; apple juice or cider; a spicy curry cooked with ingredients like cinnamon, coriander, cardamom and chilli.

Another way to spice up your love life through Wicka Spells is to use colored candles during this spell. Orange denotes attraction; pink is used to denote affection, green stands for love while red is universally used for passion.

Wicka Spells # 3

The following Wicca love spell is known as the path of love. When your need is for deep genuine love and you don’t want to limit yourself only to desire, you can try this out.

Pick 5 red roses from gardens. Now from your home you have to walk further off. If you travel quite a great distance, you will be able to cast a wider net. You then have to drop down the 1st rose on the ground. At the same time you should chant:

This is the path of love. My true love will find me.”

Continue strewing roses on the ground and chanting this mantra. Be careful to see that you drop the last rose on your door step.


Wicka Spells have their limitations as well. Influencing someone else’s free will or causing distress and harm to others through Wicka Spells is strictly forbidden. Because there is this Wiccan Law of Return that ensures that you receive triple the blow that you deal to others as the negative energy gets tripled and rebounds on the individual who practices it.

Source by Jack Daniel Morris

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