Top 7 Types of Dreams You SHOULD Know About!

Common dream types include nightmares, lucid dreams, healing dreams, recurring dreams, physiological dreams, psychic dreams, and epic dreams. Whether you agree with Freud, Jung, or other dream experts, delving into the mysterious world of dreams is fun and fascinating. To some psychologists, dreams aren’t that magical; they’re simply a product of our brainwave activity when sleeping. However, Sigmund Freud, the founding father of psychoanalysis, and Carl Jung, an early supporter of Freud’s theories about the unconscious, believe that dreams come from a deep well within our psyches where we store all our unconscious fears and desires. What is your opinion on dream types?

Do you frequently have common dreams about certain themes, and wonder if the dream symbols mean something? Check out our other video! Here are 7 common dream meanings you should NEVER ignore:

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