Using The Fallen Angels To Develop Your Money Life

If you have a career and want to grow it, I have a solution for you.

This is not something that is simple for most people – pushing your career to the next level; whatever your industry might be.

Many have no idea that the fallen angels are perfect for this.

Other spirits can do the same, but these angels have a very particular way of working such that you develop your work life and your personal evolution at the same time; that is not the same as just working on your career whatsoever.

That would be like studying for school just so you can get decent grades; that has nothing to do with the real world, does it?

You have to balance both sides of your life and most people just do not get that.

People tend to notice that their lives are out of flux when things mess up and they feel the weight of their problems – especially at work – pull them down into the gutter.

That is a serious problem, and is a clear sign that you are not aligned somehow with your true path.

You may be spirit off center – very easy to do sometimes, sadly – or your work life might be just chaos, even if it's actually just fine.

If you want your life to be back in alignment, to know who you truly are and how to push yourself to the next level naturally within your work and personal life – let's begin …

Shahahiah – Align your work and personal life such that both evolve and ascend; this gives a solid boost to your career while pushing your personal evolution to the max (within reasonable means).

Lehachiah – Enhancements your personal evolution such that your professional life (career / work life) are equally boosted and enhanced; they are technically in alignment after this.

These angels will literally push you to the next angel, getting you to where you need – not want – to be.

What we want and what we need tend to be very different.

In this case, if we ask for our work life to be better, it could potentially cause our personal lives to go unbalanced and become affected – we do not see that both sides of our lives are completely off center.

Likewise, if our personal lives are boosted but our practitioners are stuck in neutral, do you really think that you'll be happy when you realize that your work does not fulfill you?
That can not be the case.

These are the people who realize too late in life that their careers are just wrong in some way that they can not pin point, and this is a problem.

That's why we have to keep both halves of our lives in check, making sure they are perfectly center and not out of alignment, before we move on.

Have you ever seen a manager who is stressed out of their mind at work and can not figure out which path to take in work or life?

That is literal the case for many companies where the general managers can not make heads or tail out of several situations that should be very easy to resolve.

They then conclude that the money is not worth the stress, which is literally the case for them because they could not find balance within their growth – and thenby their lives.

That's a hideous thing to have – it's the illusion of success, which no one wants.

Literally having money but no personal growth is like having money in the bank but never touching it; what are earth is your financial life like such that you do not enjoy the money that you make?

This is a problem on a monumental scale for some businesses which employees are just completely off center, and do not know what to do to further their work lives – and thenby their personal lives.

If you are already in a situation where you feel out of alignment with either your work or personal life, here is a simple solution …

Aniel – To bring you back to center with work and personal life; you will feel both align and your emotions will level off letting you know things are a lot better. This means that when either your personal or work life feels too intense, things balance out and you feel everything resolve back to normal.

You know if you need this or not.

Feeling unbalanced is akin to going to the store and not buying anything – you have no idea what you're doing since none of your plans are working out.

What if you're trying to figure things out and nothing feels like it's working?

You might need to replenish yourself in a different way …

Vevaliah – Dissolves the feeling of being stuck or idle in a way that nothing you do works out or makes a difference. Causes you to see and feel what need to be done to change your situation for the better.

This angel helps remove the nasty feeling of not having your efforts count – they always count but you need to feel and see that they do, which is completely different.

Can you imagine if all your work counted toward your work life and personal evolution and you did not feel stuck or out of alignment ever?

I'm not saying this is a permanent solution to your problems but it can definitely help and it definitely can not hinder your path in any way, so why would not you use these spirits to help enhance your life in every way that counts ?

We are talking about using the spirits to boost our lives in all the ways that matter – personal life and work life – and personal life encompasses all that which is not at the office, and that covers quite a lot of stuff.

This is about removing the obstacles in your path so that you can flourish in all the ways that most matter in your life.

Source by Donald B. Johnson

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