Virgo Man in Love – Win the Heart of This Special Man

Do you want to build a relationship with a Virgo man? Do you wonder what a Virgo man in love is like? Are you afraid you might not be compatible with this zodiac sign at all and you might have to forget about this guy?

It can be intimidating to date a man with a zodiac sign you’re unfamiliar with. Read the following article to find out if you have what it takes to win the heart of a Virgo man or if you’re better off moving onto another sign.

Life of a Princess

While being extremely attentive and loving, the Virgo man in love is not quite the type to live up to the old fairy tale. A bit on the pragmatic side, he’s more apt to tell it like it is rather than paint you a pretty, but false picture of life.

If you’re demanding, difficult and had to please, you might have a hard time with this man. He doesn’t take well to catering to another person. This isn’t to say he doesn’t want to please the woman he falls in love with, but you do have to be reasonable in your expectations.

However, if you want a man who will give you his true and devoted love, this is your guy. He’s a true diehard who takes relationships seriously and is dead set against playing around. Rarely a player, even when single, he is the true one-woman kind of man.

Hugs and Kisses

Despite his great capacity to love and be loved, this tender man can sometimes show his ability hold back on physical displays of his emotions. The extremely touchy/feely woman might find it hard being with this Virgo man who isn’t always quick with a kiss or a hug.

He can also tend to close off when he sees someone else in emotional distress. Not that he’s incapable of showing empathy, the Virgo man simply has a hard time dealing with difficult emotions.

The Perfectionist

Hard working and well disciplined, he has a very specific way of wanting things. He drives himself hard and expects his woman to do the same. If you lack ambition and just lie around waiting for something to happen, he won’t tolerate you for long.

Also refrain from trying to slow him down. If he has a project with a timetable and vision of perfection, nothing will stop him. The woman who persists in trying to veer him away from his project may end up with a man who veers away from her entirely.

Embrace his perfectionism and also encourage and praise his accomplishments. Once that project is finished he wants to know it’s appreciated.

The Virgo man can, at times, be hard to live with if you’re not willing to compromise and make the necessary sacrifices to make the love work. But know that once he’s in it, he’ll be doing his fair share of the work to ensure this relationship goes a long way. A Virgo man in love will make be right there with you.

Source by Tina L. Jones

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