What Does it Mean When You Draw the Moon in a Tarot Card Reading

The Moon depicts two dogs flip back their heads and howl. A crab crawls out of a pool. Two towers rise from a distance and a full moon hangs in the sky over a surreal dream like landscape. This image is so disquieting is that of the Moon. The tarot symbolism of the crab is our earliest stages of development. As we crawl out of the pool of the unconscious we become aware. Then we realize, that there is more to the world than we had at first guessed. The two towers represent the gateway through which we must pass if we want to attain enlightenment.

The presence of the Moon and the two dogs also suggest links with numerous ancient myths. Th Moon was also worshiped as the source of life and fertility.

Astrologically, The Moon is assigned to the twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces. The symbol of Pisces is two fishes which means swimming in the deep waters of the unconscious. Pisces which is linked with the Moon is associated with dreams, visions, imagination,creativity,intuition and unconditional love.

The tarot card meaning of the Moon is you are full of psychic impressions and imaginative ideals. The Moon belongs to the world of dreams. You are entering a phase when you find yourself remembering peculiarly vivid dreams, full of symbols and messages.

When you draw The Moon in a tarot card reading you may become sharply aware of color,textures and drawn to mysticism and visionary poetry. This is a watery card, just try to flow with these feelings yourself.

The Moon also relates to the world of illusions. This can manifest as theatre and film work, writing fiction, poetry or painting. An interest in the field of psychology, dream interpretation or psychic work are areas signified by the Moon. That’s basically the tarot symbolism and tarot card meaning of the Moon when you draw it in a tarot card reading.

Source by Jovita Orais

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