What is Spellcraft?

Spellcraft is the art of spellcasting and the practice of magick. Spellcraft is often an important part of rituals, practiced by witches, wiccans and druids. Many neo-pagans may practice spellcraft. Often people have recorded their work in a Grimoire, or Book of Shadows. If you have just started your journey into Spellcraft, you can buy books written by experienced pagans, and then find out what is right for you. Many pagans write their own Book of Shadows, or journal of their own experience. Some Books of Shadows are passed down through covens, others are very secret, some spells are never written. Spells and rituals are also now freely available online, pagans have changed with the times, it is the intent that is important. Ingredients can be substituted according to the aspects of the herbs, gemstones or incense resins.

Spellcraft practised now may be very different to that of our ancestor’s, but the intent is likely to be similar. Spellcraft may require the use of particular herbs, incense resins, spell candles, coloured cloths or sachets. Many spells are only cast in accordance with the time of year, or phase of the moon. Some practitioners like to include esoteric symbols, runes, astrology and numerology. Many spells involve meditation or chanting. The practice of spellcraft is individual, but many paths have certain things that are common to their beliefs. The practice of Wicca is different to that of Druidry, whilst both are pagan paths.

Spellcraft should practiced with good intent and free will. It can be a powerful tool towards self realisation and spiritual self discovery. Healing, Love, Protection and Prosperity are often popular reasons to cast a spell. As many pagans might agree, it might not be superstition that suggests you should be careful what you wish for.

Bright blessings

Source by Rhian Morgan

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