Which Superhero Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Which superhero are you based on your zodiac sign. Welcome once again, weary Youtuber, to Bestie’s Zodiac corner. A place of wonder, magic and strangeness, today we will unlock some of the cosmos’ greatest mysteries. But what new information shall we unlock today? What sort of exotic and new things will you, our dear viewer, discover about your personality with the help of us, your humble servants? Well, stay tuned to find out.

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Intro – 0:00
Aries – 1:50
Taurus – 2:35
Gemini – 3:28
Cancer – 4:33
Leo – 5:33
Virgo – 6:26
Libra – 6:59
Scorpio – 7:28
Sagittarius – 8:12
Capricorn – 9:03
Aquarius – 9:54
Pisces – 10:31


1) Aries. The first contact from the stars is about you, Aries. It seems that your bouncy personality has determined your superhero today. Aries, you are what they call a “natural born fire cracker”, but they should’ve said a “natural born wise cracker” because your superhero is Deadpool. The Merc with a mouth, the R Rated superhero, your boisterous attitude totally matches that of the health regenerating, fourth wall breaking anti hero Aries. Also like Deadpool, you’re stubborn and sturdy, the latter especially so because of your inability to die. Finally Aries, like to the questionably aligned hero, you’re both very competitive. You don’t like to lose.

2) Taurus. The cosmos is changing now, viewer. Our minds are swirling like the twirling vortex that is the galaxy. Wait… wait… things are becoming clearer now… yes… this next message is about you, Taurus. Apparently, the stars see you as practical and tactical, which compares mostly to the superhero Batman.
3) Gemini. Ah, it seems the stars are changing once again. This time, they reveal the secrets of the Gemini. Step forth, dear Gemini viewers, and receive your superhero. Yes… it’s coming clearer to us now… Aha! Gemini, it seems the personality of your zodiac sign closely resembles that of Iron Man, or Tony Stark to be precise. For starters, you and the billionaire playboy are both social butterflies and have no problem adapting to any situation. You’re also intellectual, inventive and a little snarky as well.

4) Cancer. Watch now, dear viewer, as the galaxy moves based on the will of the Bestie astrology team… we’re going to find out which Zodiac sign is next. Yes… we see it now… those that fall under the Cancer sign, it’s time to know your superhero doppelganger. You’re larger-than-life and full energetic emotion, you just have all of that in a tiny frame. Yes, you are Ant-Man, Scott Lang or Hank Pym (depending on whether or not we’re talking about movies or comics).

5) Leo. The stars are beginning to shine with a powerful brilliance… it must be time for Leo to be judged. Come now Leo, for soon we will tell you which superhero best matches your larger than life personality. Will it be some str– wait, hold on, we have it. Leos, you are best compared to Thor, the God of Thunder and the son of Odin.

6) Virgo. Next up, we’ll be examining the superhero of the Virgos. Your intellect and quick wit make you most compatible to Robin, Batman’s sidekick and eventual leader of the Teen Titans.

7) Libra. You are bold. You are strong. You are Libra. Libras, the stars are clear on this one: you are best represented by the powerful, the beautiful, the diplomatic bringer of justice: Wonder Woman.

8) Scorpio. As per usual, Scorpio, you are hard to pin down. Your reserve and often sneaky demeanor makes you less of a superhero and more of a dark anti hero. We think this is why the stars have chosen Daredevil for you, Scorpio. Like the red suited hero from Hell’s Kitchen, you’re calm, you’re cool but most of all, you’re fierce and unforgiving.

9) Sagittarius. There’s a good chance that you’ve tried to guess your superhero, Sagittarius. Is it Green Arrow or Hawkeye, we hear you say because Sagittarius is an archer? Well, you should leave the star reading to the professionals, because Luke Cage is your superhero Sagittarius.

10) Capricorn. You Capricorn, are a golden boy or girl. Not in the sense that you’re old, quite the contrary Capricorn, you’re a shining beacon of justice, heroism, and discipline to all those around you. Capricorn, you are best compared to none other than the Man of Steel, Superman.

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