Wicca Beginner's Guide

If you are thinking about beginning a journey on the Wicca path, it is helpful to know what you will need to get started. This is designed to help as a Wicca beginner's guide to help you get started on your spiritual journey. Although it is not a complete Wicca beginner's guide, it is a good start.

The first thing that any witch should learn about and understand is the five elements. The four basic elements are earth, water, fire, and wind. The fifth element is referred to in many different ways including void, akasha, and spirit. These elements represent every physical aspect of our experience in this physical form. The fifth element is the aspect of us that connects and relates, and uses, those other elements. Everything is made up of water, earth, fire, wind, or a combination of those elements. You must learn more about these elements if you wish to develeop any form of power.

The next thing that any person on the path must gain is a library of books. It is helpful for anyone on any spiritual path to have a teacher, and books are the quickest and easiest way to gain those teachers. Sure, people can follow the path on their own, however, a good or a few good teachers is essential to speed up the process significantly.

Any good Wicca beginner's guide will also tell you that an understanding of plants, herbs, minerals, and colors is also essential. These are used in many different spells and each has it's own ability. A good understanding of plants and herbs is especially essential. These are what the original Wiccan's had a great understanding about. In fact, many women were burned at the stake because of their understanding of plants and their naturally healing and useful abilities.

These aspects alone in this Wicca beginner's guide will keep you busy enough for years, however, if you are going to be a serious practitioner, you must know about and understand the holidays and ritual practices as well. There are four major, and four minor holiday's through out the year. Although it is far to extensive for this little article, it is well worth your time and effort to study about and learn about.

Source by A. Bachman

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