Wiccan Names and Meanings – The Importance of Choosing The Ideal Magickal Name

When becoming a member of the Wiccan religion, many people choose to adopt a new name, usually referred to as a “Wiccan name” or “Magickal Name.” This is done as a symbol of rebirth into a new life and typically represents an alter ego of who the person wants to be. So significant is this process that Wiccan names and their meanings become a solid foundation from which the rest of the Wiccan experience is grown from.

Choosing a Wiccan name should not be done casually. The individual should research names that have meanings he or she would like to live up to. So if the person seeks to be strong, patient and wise, he should find names that represent those characteristics. Oftentimes a simple baby name book can be a beneficial tool.

Sometimes the best name is a combination of two other names. So if the individual finds one name that means “strong” and another that means “cunning”, combining the two names and rearranging the letters can provide a new unique name that encompasses both qualities being sought.

And when talking about Wiccan names and meanings, one cannot leave out the numerology aspect of the name. Using digit summing (reducing the value of all the letters in the name by adding them together), a single number can be found for every name. And that number has a meaning that can be relevant to the person in creating or choosing the ideal name. By adding or removing a letter, you can significantly change the meaning of a Wiccan name in a numerological sense (ie. adding an “e” in Sarah to make the new name “Saraeh”).

Becoming a member of the Wiccan religion, like becoming a member of any religion, is a life-altering decision that should be handled with seriousness and thoughtfulness. Wiccan names and their meanings are the first step into this lifestyle, and taking the time and effort at this critical point will build a strong foundation to spiritually build on.

Source by Ravine Masters

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