Your Dream House Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your dream house based on your zodiac sign. The future is often a fuzzy thing, even with the guidance of the all knowing zodiacs. We can tell you with absolute certainty however what kind of house your zodiac sign will be most comfortable living in.

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1) Aries: 0:56
2) Taurus: 02:06
3) Gemini: 03:12
4) Cancer: 04:18
5) Leo: 05:15
6) Virgo: 06:08
7) Libra: 06:59
8) Scorpio: 07:50
9) Sagittarius: 08:26
10) Capricorn: 09:05
11) Aquarius: 09:35
12) Pieces: 10:15


1) Aries. Ah yes, the Aries Zodiac sign. You are a hard working person that has no problem with hustle and bustle… so your perfect home would be a penthouse suite, right in the middle of a metropolis.

2) Taurus. Like the bull your Zodiac sign you’re named after, you, Taurus, like great greens fields and the outdoors. Which is why you will want to get a big ranch out in the country, dear Taurus.

3) Gemini. Yes… The cosmos makes way for a new zodiac sign to appear… The Gemini! They are revealing to us your future dream house… yes… we see it… it’s a… cabin! No, wait, come back, a cabin in the woods yes, but not the creepy kind.

4) Cancer. Now we see a new sign, the Cancer. Your dream house becomes clearer and clearer by the moment… and there it is! Your dream house, dear Cancer… is… the two story suburban home. Classic and safe, this house is perfect for you.

5) Leo. Ahh, the sign of the lion. Dear Leo, the cosmos paints a clear picture of your dream home– you must live in a palace. A huge mansion if you’re not the medieval type, but something people will notice. You’re the king (or queen) of the jungle, and you deserve to live in a place fit for royalty.

6) Virgo. Hear me now Virgo, for you, we see the opposite of the Leo. From crazy luxury and opulence to something small, manageable and unassuming. For you, Virgo, your dream home is an organized tiny house. For those of you who have never heard of a tiny home, it’s a small 250 square foot living space that you can hitch up and take anywhere.

7) Libra. For you Libra, we offer something a little different than your zodiac brethren. When it comes to being a Libra, your choice of a dream home is less about the home itself but rather the accessories that surround it. In short– you’re just looking for a place with a pool. You love to host parties and there is nowhere better to party than beside a pool.

8) Scorpio. A vision of your dream home Scorpio appears to me and it is this: a private townhouse. As a Scorpio, there’s nothing you crave more than privacy. Also, having different levels to your skinny home will allow you to control what’s private and what’s not.

9) Sagittarius. You, the Sagittarius, are a traveling soul, which is why your future home will have four wheels. Yes, an RV is where you’re destined to reside Sagittarius, but not because you’ll be poor.

10) Capricorn. You Capricorns are always the hardest to pin down. The planets have a hard time reading your calm, cool demeanor, but we think we may have found the dream home for you.

11) Aquarius. With your dream home Aquarius, you gaze towards the future in more ways than one. Your home will be modest and in a good area, but the modesty isn’t the point. Oh no Aquarius, because it’ll be an energy efficient, “green” house.

12) Pieces. Finally, we explore the future dream home of our good friends the Pieces. Those of you born under the Pieces zodiac sign will live in a beautiful, quiet cottage, emphasis on the quiet. The Pieces enjoy quiet and alone time, and this is where you’re going to find it. In your future dream home.

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