Zodiac Sign – Classification in Vedic (Indian) Astrology

The classification of astrology sign plays major role in horoscope reading, but before talking about this classification one should come to know about Zodiac, its parts and division, impact on astrology reading.

The circle of space surrounding the earth and measuring 360 degrees of celestial longitude is known as the zodiac. It is an imaginary belt in the Heavens that is 15 degrees wide in which the planets of the Zodiac travel. It is the path in the middle of shish; the sun appears to more around the earth, called Ecliptic.

The zodiac is divided into 12 equal parts. They are

1. Aries-Mesha

2. Taurus-Rishaba

3. Gemini-Mithuna

4. Cancer-Karaka

5. Leo-Simha

6. Virgo- Kanni

7. Libra-Thulam

8. Scorpil-Vrischika

9. Sagittarius-Dhanus

10. Capricorn-Makara

11. Aquarius-Kumba

12. Pisces-Meena

While studying Indian astrology, we come to know, Each of these astrology sign is a solar mansion otherwise called an astrology sign or a rasi and each extends to exactly 30 degrees. Each astrology sign has derived its name from its resemblance to the group of constellations found in and around the zodiac. These astrology sign may be classified broadly into thirteen groups depending on their influences on animate and inanimate objects.

They are classified as following.

1. Positive and Negative Signs

2. Northern &southern Equinoctial, Tropical Signs

3. Fiery, Earthy, Airy & Watery signs

4. Movable, fixed & Common signs

5. Fruitful or Barren signs

6. Mute signs

7. Violent signs

8. Human signs

9. Voice signs

10. Bestial or Four legged signs

11. Dual signs

12. Bicorporal or double bodied

13. short & Long ascension signs

My next article you read the detailed about all the Vedic Astrology signs as the given above.

In the Astrology all the signs have the signifies their own importance.

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