Dream Meanings (A)

Dream Meanings

You abandon something that you are detaching your emotions from. You are abandoned, being left out feeling rejected.

You are being controlled by circumstances or an others will.

Flying: sense of being on route to your desires, need for a vacation or getting away, Landing: coming back to reality from that desired, grounding your self, the changing situation regarding an ideal or desire. Time to put ideas into action.

Others drinking, they are out of control, it is an excuse for their behavior, they are not in condition to help you by their own fault, You: possibly drinking too much, its your excuse for you to do something out of the ordinary, or for not performing.

Person or situation that is completely foreign to you, you are at a complete loss at how to handle or control a person, circumstances or situation.

A restricted or confining situation that you have to traverse on your journey. Limited options.

Threatening you: fear of an unpleasant reaction to something you said or did. Not threatening: realization that there are consequences to your actions. Also, that you are prepared to fend off any threats against you. Attacking you: You have suffered repercussions from previous deeds, or are stressed out about it happening soon.

Grounding in the past, things continue to go on in spite of one’s fears of the present. A sense of having foundation.

angel and fairy
Spirituality, a messenger of words or showing the way or giving an example. Encouragement that you are not alone. Can be your Higher Self preparing you for a future event.

Little things or events that annoy and irritate you. Lots of diverse activity requiring energy and attention. Little distractions.

Your impatience is showing with a desired or feared coming situation, or event that has a measure of suspense.

Others: you recognize a conflict between events or people. Unsettled issues. You: Trying to rectify conflict or make up for things left unsaid.

An over powering force. No match for anyone. You against all the others.

Others: represents agility and ability that you recognize. You: You are engaged in doing what you felt you couldn’t do. You feel your own ability and agility over circumstances or a situation.

You are attacked: you haven’t addressed a conflicting situation. You are attacking: You are fighting back from an injury or offense committed against you.

Secret or hidden thoughts or memories. Discovery of same. Knowledge that is special is being unveiled, Your connection to the Higher Self.

The world around you. Fear of your private feelings or thoughts being discovered. Being under observation or watched.

Around a person or angelic being: Gives divine meaning to what they represent. Special symbol to get your attention.

Unable to flee: Stress in life situation is controlling your life. Fleeing and watching: Living under stress while performing your duties and functions.