Fairy Spells (Page 1)

Venus Love Spell

For this spell, all you will need is a piece of twine and a clear mind. It is enhanced by being worked under a new moon, but can be done anytime. Cross two of your fingers and wrap the twine around them (not too tight, you still want circulation!), until you get to the end of the twine, then tuck the end in. Hold your entwined fingers up to your third eye (the center of your forehead), and chant the following rhyme:

Venus, Goddess of love divine
I make this wish with fingers entwined
Give me a love that I adore
Be he handsome, plain, rich or poor
With this twine I do empower
Please start this spell within the hour
Bring me a love so pure and true
So I can start my life anew.

Take the twine off your fingers and bury it either in the garden, or in a pot of soil. Plant some flowers above it and look after them well – this is your offering to Venus.

Luna Love Spell

This spell must be worked under a full moon
You will need:
Red Rose petals
Vanilla extract (about 1 tablespoon)
3 pinches of Nutmeg
1 pinch of Rosemary
and 2 cups of Fresh Water

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and chant the following rhyme:

With this offering I do ask
That you aid me in this blessed task
What was many times broken must now be strong
Bring me a love that can’t go wrong
Heal my heart and heal his too
Bring me a love that is so true
As I mix these elements in this bowl
Bring my love to me and make us whole

Now throw the ingredients into the air towards the moon

Calming of the Fairies

This spell is for an unruly mob – the fairies.
For this spell you need an offering:
a small piece of cake
a thimble of honey
anything you think a fairy might like.

Place the offering in a clearing in your garden and whisper the following verse:

Little fairies with tiny feet
Play in this garden – but leave it neat
Little fairies with hands so sweet
I leave this offering – for you to eat
Little fairies, if this garden is neat
Ill leave more offerings at your tiny feet.

Continue to leave little fairy treats about once a month. This spell is best done at dusk as fairies are usually asleep in the day and dancing at night.

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