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All spells with *asterisk* are to be parental/Adult supervised

Child’s Chant
Author unknown

Now I lay me down to rest.
I pray that all the world be blessed
Lady Moon and Sister Star Watch over me from afar.
Mother Earth is always there
And keeps me safe within her care
The Lord of Dreams will dance and sing
And happy dreams will to me bring
And when I wake to greet the day
Brother Sun will light my way.

*House Protection Spell*

1 glass bottle or jar with cap
mixing bowl
funnel (you can make one with a rolled up piece of paper)
9 herbs of choice from list below:
( Acacia, Aloe, Angelica, Anise, Ash, Basil, Birch, Blackberry, Blueberry, Broom, Caraway, Carnation, Cadar, Cinquefoil, Clover, Cotton, Cypress, Dill, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Flax, Foxglove, Grass, Hazel, Heather, Holly, Irish Moss, Ivy, Lilac, Mandrake, Marigold, Mistletoe, Mugwort, Mulberry, Oak, Olive, Pine, Primrose, Raspberry, Rice, Rose, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Spanish Moss, Thistle, Valerian, Violet, Willow)

Pour the nine selected herbs into the mixing bowl one by one.
As you pour each one in say these words (replace the blank with the name of the herb):
“________ that protects, protect my home and all within.”

Once all of the herbs have been added to the bowl, mix them with your hands. Visualize you home being safe and secure as you mix. Cap the bottle or jar and bury it outside, in front of your front step. If you live in an apartment or other place that would prevent you from doing this, place the jar some where out of view but still near your doorway.

*Basil Protection Spell*

First, open your ceremony however you like.
Moon Phase:- Full moon.
things you will need:
one orange candle
one carnation flower

Place the carnation in the bowl of consecrated water, and set basil in front of the orange candle. Light the orange candle with the Presence candle. Breathe deeply and clear your mind. Begin to concentrate on the powers of protection, visualize a strong shell surrounding you, glowing hot. Say in a powerful voice:

I call on the guardians and on the power of the Lord and the Lady I surround myself with the protection of fire I am supported by the strength and grace of earth The winds bring me gentle shifts and the water’s flow eases the energy in this time. I believe in this protection and I release my fears, so that I may connect to the pulse of life. May this be done within the greater good, So mote it be, and be it, it should!

Let the candle burn for as long as you like. You can take this opportunity to meditate and release the spell into the cosmos.
When you are ready, snuff out the candle.
Keep this candle and burn it during meditation whenever you feel a need for extra protection.
When the candle has eventually been burned completely, repeat this spell if you feel the need. Continue the ceremony with the wine and cake blessing and consumption. Then dismiss the elements and the other spirits present and close the circle.
At the end of the ceremony, take the basil and scatter it on the ground under the light of the full moon.
The spell is complete

Calling The Luck of The Fairy Folk

This incantation can be done anytime during the summer, when the fireflies are out. Can be performed clothed but is best done sky clad. You must find a VERY quite and private place to do the incantation.

Start with your arms out and walk in an open area that fireflies are in. Stop in the same position and call upon the great mother with the following chant:

Fireflies come dance with me
Fireflies come be with me
Oh Great Mother be with us tonight
With (your name)
and the Fairy Folk
Fireflies show your true self
Do not fear me for I am (your name)
Your friend
Your Sister/Brother
Invite me into your world to dance
(Dance a joyous dance from your heart)
(Allow yourself to be free and at peace)

Continue Chant:

Fireflies, Fairy Folk, Oh Great Mother
Come dance with me
Be with me
Fairy Folk show your true self to me I will protect you tonight as we dance
Dance the dance of the Fairy Folk

repeat the above five lines, and dance the dance of the Fairy Folk until you feel and see that the Fairy Folk are with you…Play with them as you like, when you are done do the following: Begin Chant to End the Dance

Fairy Folk, Fire Flies, Oh Great Mother
Fairy Folk, I (your name) leave you now
Go back to hide from where you came
Be not sad, or cry or weep For I (your name) will return
To dance the Dance of the Fairy Folk Peace be with you.

Blessed Be. …
by Sun Age 9

*Energy, Enthusiasm and New Beginnings*

You will need:
1 red candle
anointing oil (pine or dragon’s blood)
incense: pine or dragon’s blood
Sunrise, Tuesday
Light incense

Anoint the candle with the oil, focusing on the up coming year and all the goals you want to seriously pursue
Write down on a small piece of paper what you wish for … and put the piece of paper under the candle, and as you light it, say:

“May this or something better now manifest in accordance with the highest karma good for all concerned.”
(This is called the KARMIC CLAUSE, and should be repeated every time you make a wish.

Let the candles burn as you visualize your goal. You can repeat this for several days, up until the Full Moon, but let the candles burn all the way down on the last day. Keep the slip of paper on your altar, in a special small box , or in a medicine bag to be worn around your neck.

Nightmare Remedies

Amethyst belongs in every night-time crystal collection. Many parents have found that amethyst helps to prevent their children from having nightmares, and it also works for us older folks. This stone, whose color represents the transition from day to night, can also be very helpful in helping one to relax and go to sleep.


Conjure circle round the bed
Where I lay my weary head
That in it’s gold and silver light
I will spend a peaceful night.

*Friendship Candle Magick*

Pink Candle
Good Luck/Friendship Oil
Pink silk Ribbon
White Silk Ribbon Cast the Circle
Arrange altar

Invoke Goddess and God
You will want to anoint the pink with Good Luck oil all the while thinking of the friends that you want to make. Imagine yourself laughing with them, going out with them. Really see yourself with them. After your candle has been anointed, you may light it. At this point you may call out the things that are important to you in a friend: honesty, trust, open minded(important for every Wiccan!), humor, whatever. As you light the candle, see the flame as being the energy that burns between any two close friends.

When this is completed, take your two pieces of silk ribbon and weave them together. Simply winding them around each other will do. While you do this, think of bringing that friend closer to you. This binding process is reminiscent of pagan hand fasting rituals. You are binding that friend to you, making them loyal to you, a way any good friend should be.
You DO NOT want to bind a specific person to you, as that kind of magick is harmful since is harms the other person’s free will.Only bind the idea of the perfect friend to you. Once you have done this, tie the ribbon to the base of your candle as best as you can.

The candle’s light is a beacon to bring friendship to you and another person. When this is done, you may wish to sit and meditate on the spell that you have just cast, sending your energies out to bring that perfect friend to you.
When you feel that your spell has been completed, then it has. Let your candle burn all the way out and release your circle, thanking

*Good Grades Spell*

Light two yellow candles and one green candle

Stand (or sit) before the candles visualizing your need strongly and say the following when you feel that you are focused enough:
“Oh Mercury, bestow upon me benevolence and knowledge. Help me to attain my goals and achieve my desires. Aid me to show determination and intelligence in attaining my goal. Open my mind to knowledge. As I will it, so mote it be!”

Sit in contemplation for a few moments and then snuff the candles with foil or whatever you have on hand, but don’t blow them out.

All spells with *asterisk* are to be parental/Adult supervised

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