Link Exchange

If you would like to exchange links with whisperingworlds, please contact me

You can either use a text link to link to whisperingworlds, or you could choose from one of our graphical banners.


I am not going to make lots of rules for this new feature of whisperingworlds, but i think there should be some basic rules.

  • No sites with Adult or offensive material.
  • No Hate sites or sites with inappropiate content.
  • Sites must contain some content and not be just a home page.
  • A reciprocal link to whisperingworlds must be shown at all times.


  • can not take responsibility for another sites content or material, by clicking a link you are choosing to leave whisperingworlds.
  • Whilst whisperingworlds will visit each site to check for suitability, whisperingworlds can not take responsibility and has no control over another sites changing content.

I reserve the right to change the above rules and disclaimer without notice.

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