Phonetic Value
” d ”


Day. Daylight. Dawn. Breakthrough. Radical change

Associated Gods

Astrological Correspondence
The Full Moon

Magical Uses
To bring a positive outcome

The shape of Dagaz represents a stable balance between polar opposites, especially between light and dark. It is the rune of the light of day, midday and midsummer. All of those times are full of strength and well-being. Dagaz has great protective powers and is also a rune of health, prosperity and new openings. It will stop harm from entering but will still allow those helpful energies that we need to come into our lives. In the spiritual realm, Dagaz gives people access to cosmic consciousness.

Dagaz means day, and in the Nordic lands of long nights and winters, the day is strongly associated with light and life. Dagaz is the essence of natural daylight, the new light of dawn, and the strength of the sun. Spiritually, it is the divine light, the high point of the natural cycle of darkness-light- darkness. It signifies brightness, growth, progress, development, and sometimes fundamental change.

The divine light is guiding you towards your goal. Remain true, and good fortune will be with you. You are well protected by the power of the light. It will give you clear vision to avoid dangers, but don’t be blinded by your ego. Remain humble and thankful for all the good things that come to you

Reverse Meaning
Dagaz has no reverse

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