“Eye – Wawz”

Phonetic Value
” eo ”

Yew Tree

Archer’s bow, weapon. Magic. Deflection, prevention

Associated Gods

Astrological Correspondence

Magical Uses
To bring about profound change, to ease a life transition

Eihwaz possesses the power of both death and regeneration. A re-growth from the passing of the old situation into the form of the new situation. It is a rune that acts as a magickal protector and facilitator. All rites of passage, particularly those marking the transition into adulthood, contain the symbolism of death, the idea being that one’s former ‘self’ has died and given birth to a new persona. Because of its position as the 13th rune it is sometimes considered as the death rune.

The Yew tree has mistakenly been linked with death because of the ancient practice of planting yew hedges around graveyards. Eihwaz is the thirteenth rune in the fuark, and marks the middle of the alphabet. (It is interesting to note that the Death card in the Tarot is also the thirteenth card.)

But the real reason the Yew was planted was to keep out unwanted scavenging animals – the evergreen Yew is both poisonous and impenetrable year-round. These Yews – now grown to huge gnarled old trees – are still to be found in many early British churchyards.

Reverse Meaning
Ihwaz has no reverse

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