Phonetic Value
” j ”

Year. Harvest

Harvest. The agricultural year. Fertility, fruition

Associated Gods
Frey, Freyja

Astrological Correspondence
The Sun

Magical Uses
To bring change; for fertility and growth

Jera represents the 12 months of the year. It implies fruitfulness, profit or achievement of a goal, Just rewards for past efforts. Inventiveness, talent or skill. Great reward to those who work with their hands or on the land. It also means the cycle of seasons implying movement, change, natural development.

Jera follows Isa just as spring follows winter. The frozen stagnancy of ice is broken by the turning of the wheel, and things are once again moving along as they should. In fact, we have now broken out of the entire set ‘negative’ runes with which we began this aett. This has been accomplished not by fighting to escape the ice or railing against the unfairness of fate, but by learning from those experiences and simply waiting for the inevitable thaw. Jera is the communion wine – the product of the joining of opposites bringing life. Storms may come and go, but the sun is always there and life is generally pretty good. Enjoy it while you can.

This is a time of reaping rewards from seeds sown in the past. It is a time of plenty, of joy and celebration. But it is also a time to work with no time for complacency. The harvest is followed by winter so you should make sure you have stored enough wisdom to face your next challenge. This is another turning point in life, not a goal. There are greater harvests ahead, but like the farmer, you must prepare the land, sow the seed, tend the seedlings and feed the fruit.

Reverse Meaning
Jera has no reverse.

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