Phonetic Value
” eo “, ” L ”


Water, sea, ocean, river or lake. Cleansing. Tide

Associated Gods
Njord, Nerthus

Astrological Correspondence
The Moon

Magickal Uses
Enhancing psychic abilities, confronting fears, stabilizing mental or emotional disorders, uncovering hidden things

Laguz represents fluidity. It holds the powers of the tides and the force of waterfalls. We must “go with the flow” when we encounter this rune, or else be washed away by its power. Laguz demonstrates the law of opposites; although we cannot live without water for long, we cannot live in water long either. It also represents the abundance of life found in physical matter and objects.

Laguz represents the sensual madness of sexuality, the unconscious, intuitive, and psychic abilities. Its deceptive elements come from its variety, rather than from any menace. Traditionally, Laguz is the ultimate female rune.

Only by attunement to creation will your life truly flow as it is meant to. Emotional balance comes from harmony with creation around you. For example, natural foods lead to natural flow, whereas unnatural foods lead to disharmony and stagnation. The sea is always fluid and moving, so it should be with your life. Embrace change itself, for it is the only true constant in life.

Reverse Meaning
Laguz reversed warns that you are neglecting your inituitive side. Listen to your inner voice, it meeds recognition too. By ignoring this part of your nature, you become unbalanced.

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