Phonetic Value
” m ”

Mankind, human

Mankind. Humanity. The self. The self, inner being, soul. Manhood, or Womanhood

Associated Gods
Heimdall, Odin, Frigg

Astrological Correspondence

Magical Uses
To represent a specific person or group of people; to establish social relationships

Mannaz represents the basic human qualities we all have, a shared experience. Symbolically it stands for social order allowing us to reach our fullest potential. Because of its stable shape, Mannaz reminds us that we are stable as well. It is considered to be a hug rune, or rune of the mind. We can use this rune to gain the advantage in disputes and academic examinations. Mannaz symbolizes creativity, intelligence, forward planning, and speech and implies co-operation between individuals for the common good.

Destiny awaits you, so claim it. But to be a spiritual being, you must balance body, mind and spirit. Embrace everything, good and bad alike, with total acceptance, knowing that each new experience will teach more of life. By learning each lesson you will go onwards and upwards.

Reverse Meaning
When drawn, this rune counsels to begin facing up, releasing and admitting to yourself that in order to progress, you must first clear away the blockage within. Only then will you be able to satisfactorily deal with outside blockages. Braking the momentum of old habits is the task here. Remember that in the life of the inner-self you are always at the beginning.

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