Phonetic Value
” n ”

Need. Extremity

Need, want, craving. Demand, deprivation. Compulsion. Desire

Associated Gods

Astrological Correspondence

Magical Uses
To represent a need to be filled

The second rune, of three, that is associated with winter. Nauthiz represents a necessity that puts constraints on us so that our possibilities are restricted. However with this rune also comes the power and strength to break free from this need and its restrictions. Being a rune of change we must be careful not to go against out Word (fate) and use this rune constructively. It counsels patience. However unpleasant the hardship it is a learning experience that will ultimately benefit you. Naudiz can also warn against taking a risky path. In conjunction with other runes, Naudiz tends to have a delaying influence.

You are getting exactly what you need right now to make the best progress on your spiritual path. It may appear to be the very opposite of what you want, but this state is not permanent, it is merely a series of lessons that must be learnt so that you can make the transition from negative to positive. Accept your past, keep your mind fixed on your goal, and learn from your present situation. The past is just a memory, the future just a dream, the present is where the action is, the only place you have influence.

Reverse Meaning
Nauthiz is part of the GREAT CYCLE and is the Great Teacher disguised as a bringer of pain and limitations. We tend to learn quicker when steeped in adversity. Modesty and good temper will see you through this time as you take control of anger and impulse.

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