Phonetic Value
” Long O ”

Hereditary land, possession

Home or homeland. Inheritance. Estate, possessions

Associated Gods

Astrological Correspondence
The Full Moon

Magical Uses
For acquiring land or property, to complete a project, to strengthen family ties

This rune represents a wealth that cannot be sold. Its shape shows an enclosure whose contents cannot be taken away. Symbolically Othala maintains the existing state of things. It resists arbitrary rules, preserving individual and collective liberty within the framework of natural law. It is important to note that Othala is more than just physical property. It is also our cultural and spiritual heritage that is passed down to us by our ancestors.

At this time of re-focusing, fix your goal firmly in your mind and let your thoughts attract the energy you need to reach it. You must concentrate to read all the signs, but don’t try to force the issues. Your objective is like a wild bird in the palm of your hand. If you grip too tightly, you risk killing it.

Reverse Meaning
You are called upon to be totally honest, as you shed that which is holding you back. To flow is the proper attitude, not rigidity in the old ways or habits. Do not be mechanical or robot like in your actions, be aware of the changes going on around you.

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