Phonetic Value
” p as in pot ”

It is usually taken to be the name of a dice cup. Or sometimes the Vulva

Mystery, Chance. A Gamble. Pot Luck

Associated Gods

Astrological Correspondence

Magickal Uses
fertility, easing childbirth, to aid in divination and magic, enhancing psychic abilities

Perthro is a rune of memory and recollection, problem solving, and esoteric knowledge. It represents the uncertainties of life and symbolizes the interaction between personal freewill and the constants of our circumstances. Make the best of your lot.

Spiritually, Perthro suggests the disclosure of a secret. It could also refer to pregnancy and birth. Perth is linked with the sensible and moderate enjoyment of sexuality. Because of the mystery surrounding it, common sense and prudence are called for in the interpretation of Pertho.

The rune is closely tied in with the idea of fate, that the road we travel, regardless of what we choose to do along the way, is pre determined from the moment of our birth. The very act of being born sets us along a course of cause and effect, action and reaction that we may choose to follow blindly, or try to divine through the runes or other means order that we may better understand the lessons we will learn. Pertho is the beginning of this process, as well as the tool for accomplishing it.

Do not expect too much. It wants you to call on all your scattered energies and concentrate on your own life at this time. Perth also warns against dwelling in the Past or Furure too much. BY doing so you are robbing yourself of the present. Remember to persevere. IN doing so you strenghten your character and the inner-self.

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