Phonetic Value
” S ”

The Sun

Discovery. Disclosure. Wholeness. Light, energy

Associated Gods

Astrological Correspondence
The Sun

Magical Uses
Energy, strength, success, healing, fertility

Sowilo is a rune of force which channels the powers and energies of the sun. It represents the illumination that the sun can sometimes provide. Sowilo resists death and disintegration and allows light to conquer dark. With the illumination of the power of the sun we also tend to see our goals more clearly.

Although Sowilo is well known as a victory symbol, it can also be used as a force of attack. It is a positive force, because it is the natural power of the sun. Spiritually, Sowilo symbolizes clear vision, and the victories of light over darkness, good over evil. It admonishes one to use the powers of good to vanquish evil.

Reverse Meaning
Sowilo has no reverse.

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