Phonetic Value
” th ”

Giant, monster, devil. A thorn. The god Thor, or his hammer

Magical power, the forces of chaos or of evil. Temptation. A Warning.

Associated Gods

Astrological Correspondence

Magical Uses
Aid in study and meditation, self-discipline, clearing out a bad situation

This is a rune of protection. The energy of Thurisaz can be used for good or for chaos. It represents the forces of the human psyche, including anger and lust. The thorn is a symbolic weapon. It can pierce, stab or tear. But it can also be protective, like a thorny hedge.

Thurisaz may also signify a stroke of luck, but is more often a warning that your luck is running out. Thurisaz can produce a sudden change without warning. You have the power within you to face anything. Fear nothing, for you have the authority to claim your destiny. Let no one deter you from your search for the truth. Spiritual authority brings power and it is up to you to use that power in an unselfish and loving way. Power can corrupt if you do not have a true and honest hear.

Reverse Meaning
An indication of development. As this growth process accelerates you will find reasons to stop and reconsider the past and assimilate the new. If you are experiencing difficulties, remember that your attitude affects the quality of your passage. Contemplation is the key here. Hasty decisions will cause regrets at this time.

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