Gem Stones (A)

A to Z of Gem Stones

Agate (Moss)
Get in touch with nature. Plant knowledge.

Agate (Tree)
Introspection. Helps one view themselves with more clarity and see the world through a broader viewpoint.

The darker stones were believed to inspire courage, boldness, victory in games, and bring prosperity. The lighter stones were believed to bring peace, protection against lightening, and immunity from snake bites.

This stone got it’s name when it was discovered on the 12th birthday of Czar Alexander II in the Ural mountains of Russia in 1830.

Improves self worth. Helps give the feeling of confidence

Lift heaviness. Amber is great at lifting the heaviness of burdens — allowing happiness to come through.

Amethyst (Cape)
Inner alignment. This seems to balance the inner bodies as well . Wrap strands of cape amethyst around an aching joint

Once believed to be able to prevent drunkenness and protect people from contagious diseases. Also believed to give courage, bring victories to soldiers in battle, and attract favors from those in high places. Other attributes that have been associated with the stone are it’s ability to soothe the nerves in times of stress, make the wear become calm and gentle, repress evil and make men successful in business. Good for Spiritual Upliftment. This is also the present carrier of the purple color ray.


Said to assure love, affection, youth, and health to the wearer of this stone. It can help one understand difficult situations from a love-filled viewpoint. For those who are experiencing a lot of grief.

Aventurine (blue)

Aenturine green)
For Physical healing. Believed to reinforce a person’s decisiveness, amplify a person’s leadership qualities, and make a person a willing participant in instinctive action. Also believed to help bring a person emotional tranquility, have a positive attitude towards life, and bring them into alignment with their center. It has been reported by some people to be able to provide independence, health and well being.

Aventurine (red/orange)
This color of aventurine has been said to provide reflective qualities so that a person can recognize the flaws of humanity and can remain in the heart space to continue to love this same humanity. To be able to help a person to look at a situation in complete detail, and magnify those aspects of importance. Some people believe it provides for self reflection, and allows a person to recognize that when you look at a person… You are actually only seeing the reflection of the person that you choose them to be. It is believed by some people that when you use this stone while fasting it will help to reduce your hunger.

Aventurine (transparent)
is extremely powerful – however, it needs washing daily (dry flat). Immature transparent aventurine will fade.