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Crystal placement for chakras in Crystal Healing

Learn how to correctly place crystals on the Chakras, to perform Crystal Healing on a partner or client. In this short video tutorial, Master Crystal Healing Practitioner, Kate covers: * The 9 main Chakra points recognised in crystal healing/ crystal therapy. * 8 popular chakra crystals and their correct body placement and placement order. * Why grounding is so important throughout a crystal healing session. * How to place crystals […]

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Chakras for Beginners: Using Chakra Healing To Better Your Life

Learn Reiki Healing (The Simple Way)… http://reikiguide.org/learn The mainstream world of the Indian way of life is quickly becoming popular all over the world and in this video well take a look at Chakras for beginners and show you how to open chakas the easy and simple way. The human body is home to seven different chakras that all work in tandem to ensure a healthy life force within your […]

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Best Chakra Crystals for Beginners | *Giveaway Ended*

In this video I talk about the best crystals for a beginner if they want to work with their chakras. I wanted to do my best in choosing crystals that are as inexpensive as possible, widely available, and have worked on a lot of people in similar ways. If you would like to enter to win this beautiful apophyllite crystal in the video above then subscribe to my channel Leiah […]

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