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The World Of Fantasy Art 1

Just a simple slideshow with some of my fav fantasy pic`s. I dont remember where I found some of the pic`s, but here`s the links to the once I do remember http://www.neosurrealismart.com http://luisroyo.com http://fantasyfineart.com http://rodneymatthews.com http://fairyphotographs.com ENJOY ^_^ source

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The World of Fantasy Art 5

Another fantasy art vid. I can´t get enough of this great art form. Watch in HD ^_^ Music: Mercy in darkness by Two steps from hell Pic`s found at : http://www.creative fan.com/30-dark-and-mysterious-fantasy-wallpaper http://www.fanpop.com http://www.karolbak.com And the rest of the pic`s was found by googol “Fantasy” source

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