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These Are The Most Beautiful Zodiac Signs

Have you ever noticed that other people couldn’t take their eyes off you? As if your magnetism was so powerful, that there was no option of escaping it… The reason for it could be in the stars! Yes… the stars. Some of the Zodiac signs are more charismatic, others have a powerful natural charisma. The main idea is that you need to be aware of your natural beauty and how […]

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The Art of Final Fantasy VII: An Interview with Yoshitaka Amano

We spoke with Yoshitaka Amano, Image Illustrator for Final Fantasy VII, about how he created the silkscreen art that would inspire the look of the game. Check out our full in-depth Final Fantasy VII feature on Polygon! http://bit.ly/2iKCIiP Subscribe: https://goo.gl/qw3Ac7 Check out our full video catalog: https://goo.gl/Cqt2cn Visit our playlists: https://goo.gl/pM7TNe Like Polygon on Facebook: https://goo.gl/GmkOs4 Follow Polygon on Twitter: https://goo.gl/cQfqrq Read more at: http://www.polygon.com source

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